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Screen Printing Eco-Friendly Screen Cleaning Chemicals!

Jonathan Monaco of Catspit Productions provides an overview of the most widely used, environmentally-sensitive screen cleaning chemicals on the market today. He’s the guy to listen to, watch and learn from regarding all things screen printing.

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Screen printing Filtration Systems – Why the Need?

A Filtration system in a screen and/or graphics printing business, whether in a corporate, studio or home-based environment, is a highly rated necessity – not a luxury. Choosing one that fits securely underneath a washout booth enables every screen printer the opportunity to easily and responsibly meet city/county/state/Parrish/township regulations for proper disposal of waste particles as part of the screen cleaning process.

Tip # 1 for choosing a system: look for a triple action unit like the M-10F that uses filtration media. This will help to ensure that the final, remaining liquid left behind will test out as the most drain safe, as possible. A 2013 video by Catspit Productions offers a close-up installation of a Filtration System system and its tremendous advantages for both the company and the environment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and rethink the reasons as to why a Filtration System is a must in 2013!

Just in – RhinoTech is offering 20% discount on SingleStep heat trasfer paper!

From 9/9-14/2013, receive 20% off of your order w/on-line purchase using Code: SS913. Order at

RhinoTech relates that its weedless, SingleStep™ heat transfer laser paper prints on white and light color t-shirts, hats and other fabrics. It’s a one step digital process that transfers the toner, not the background film. And to print on dark ts, hats and other textiles, use Textile Metallic Foil to make a design pop w/ vivid color, drama and added value!

ApeShirt Apparel Printing works magic with SinglePrint heat transfer paper!

PW_RHNO_1309A- (2)Committed to helping customers achieve their dreams, ApeShirt Apparel Printing, LLC, has mastered the art of digitally printing on dog tags by using SinglePrint, a laser, heat transfer paper. The final image appears as if it had been engraved!

 The owner states that …ApeShirt Apparel Printing set out to offer quality screen printed tee shirts at a very affordable price. I discovered that local bands and schools have a great need for quality shirts at an affordable price. My passion for rock music and youth sports lead me to find a way to meet those needs…”

 The company offers screen printing, heat transfers, vinyl numbers and letters, logo’s, stickers, banners, printed dog tags, beverage koozies, and more with quick turnaround times (and if you read the company’s facebook postings, you will see what they mean by a fast turnaround).

Contact Greg @



Digitally Print on Black w/Image Clip Laser Dark heat transfer paper!

We found this easy, straight forward, step-by-step video that is the latest in a series of training videos by RhinoTech (; IMAGE CLIP LASER DARK heat transfer paper allows the printer to digitally print color onto black/dark garments, hats and other dark fabric adding value and drama. We hope you enjoy this video!

Do you want to learn how to coat a screen easily with no mess?

This step-by-step, straight forward educational video on “Screen Coating 101” offers students, beginner printers and those researching how to screen print the simple techniques needed to perfect this job. Products and equipment are also highlighted, so that the process is wholly demystified.

Thanks to RhinoTech for sharing this latest information as part of the company’s newest series of training videos. Check them out @,,, and other social media sites. 888.717.4466; Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Exposing a Screen 101!

Greg Markus of RhinoTech offers yet another wildly entertaining and educational video on the fine art of ‘how-to expose/develop a screen’. This necessary part of screen printing can be a bit daunting, initially, for a beginner, a student, a hobbyist, so Greg has taken the time to demystify the process and walk the viewer through the basic steps. Products and equipment are also identified to ensure complete success! Thanks for watching and subscribing!;,

CAPS International is having a Whopper of Sale through 6/12/2013!

CAPS International is have a Whopper of Sale through 6/12/2013!

Get this 4/C – 1/Station t-shirt printer for 15% off w/code: CAPS1213. And, you can also receive the BIG DISCOUNT on a 2/C-1/S t-shirt bench printer; Film, “Green” screen cleaning chemicals. 800-330-5515 and to order. Save yourself some money! Sale good from 6/6-12/2013!

Screen Reclaiming with a Heavy Duty Pressure Washer!

There are a variety of pressure washers on the market today. From household units that last about 150 hours to others like the 1500A from RhinoTech, there is much decision – making required whether investing $100 or $7,000.The thing is, you need this essential piece of screen cleaning equipment if you plan to reclaim/reuse your screen frames. The outdoor hose just won’t cut it, especially if you’re cleaning multiple screens per day. And, unless you have a constant and endless revenue stream, you are going to want a pressure washer that will last for many years. The video product review offers a great overview of what will you get when you invest in a quality machine. Yes, it’s an investment, but one that you won’t regret. The pay-off will be your bottom-line profit. Enjoy.

The video is a full-on, product review by Catspit Productions of the RhinoClean 1500A Heavy Duty Pressure Washer. But…watch at your own risk since you’ll definitely want one of these gems after seeing it in action.  RhinoTech offers FREE SHIPPING (as always in contiguous U.S.)  on orders of $50+! 

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