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RhinoDark™ Heat Transfer Paper w/Printer & Transfer Instructions

You asked. RhinoTech answered via this step-by-step video.

FEATURES of RhinoDark™

Crisp Designs.
Brilliant CMY Color + Intense White Toner.
Weedless. Excellent Opacity.
Add Rhinestones. Add Textile Metallic Foil.
Diminsionally Stable Polyester-Coated Image Sheet.
Durable. Matte and Gloss Finishes.
Use with OKI Data Laser Printers-
920 WT, 711 WT.
Apply to 50/50 blends, 100% Cotton,
100% Polyester.

For more information, please contact RhinoTech @ 651-686-5027 x 4 or x 2. They will be delighted to offer assistance so that you can be wildly successful.

888.717.4466   info@rhinotechinc.com    www.rhinotechinc.com




In a Nutshell, Here’s Why a High-Quality Heat Press is a Good Investment.

We’re not sure why the heat press is often undervalued as part of a Digital printing equipment set-up. In fact, it is a key piece of the pie, because of 3 critical factors to ensuring the absolute best, final products. They are: PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE and TIME. And, that’s why we can’t stress enough the value of investing in a great performing heat press.

Presented in this step-by-step video is the RT Swingman 20 with a platen size of 16” x 20”. The RT Swingman 25P with a platen dimension of 20” x 25” is also an excellent option in the high-quality/affordability department. Both systems are offered by RhinoTech.

Features of the RT Swingman include these DIGITAL CONTROLS:

PW_RHNO_1506A July 2015

ON and OFF switch is easily accessible in front of system.

A digital TIMER with alert that can be programmed for up to 99 minutes.

The PRESSURE reading sensor that with these settings: 1-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium and 7-9 that offers the highest pressure setting (KEEP A LOG OF THE PRESSURE SETTINGS YOU USE FOR SPECIFIC CUSTOMER PROJECTS, SO REPEAT PROJECTS WILL BE A BREEZE).

TEMPERATURE setting that can be digitally set for up to 450 degrees F or 232 C.

Additional cool elements:

Touch Screen with easy to lock-in time, temp and pressure settings.
Phenomenal heating element.
Simple Swing-away feature, unlike a pop-up clam shell.

An adjustable LEVELING PLATEN that can adjust up to 1 3/4” to enable the operator to digitally transfer designs made with SinglePrint™ heat transfer laser paper to FLAT glass and light color wood plaques, leather, Acrylic, ceramic and metal.

Find all RhinoTech heat presses HERE.

Thanks for watching!
Questions? Get answers through these direct connections: 651-686-5027 x 4; info@rhinotechinc.com; www.rhinotechinc.com

Digitally Print on Black w/Image Clip Laser Dark heat transfer paper!

We found this easy, straight forward, step-by-step video that is the latest in a series of training videos by RhinoTech (info@rhinotechinc.com; rhinotechinc.com). IMAGE CLIP LASER DARK heat transfer paper allows the printer to digitally print color onto black/dark garments, hats and other dark fabric adding value and drama. We hope you enjoy this video!

Anticipate and Preempt Change to Improve your Business Image and Bottom Line.

The only thing we can expect is change! So…before it’s upon you, check out your options to improve your screen or graphics printing company’s bottom line by expanding with ways to capture every bit of potential business that presents itself. Especially for customers who just want one shirt or other smaller type orders, it’s essential to serve them…they’re essential to build/maintain your customer base. Really, you need to check out the latest heat transfer technology that is shaking up our industry.

Even for the ‘purists’ who snub heat transfer printing feeling that it isn’t real printing, please understand that the newest transfer papers and equipment are technologically impressive and will continue to allow you to create and please your customers at the same time.

Do you have an HP injet printer? If yes, purchase some SingleJet™ heat transfer paper. The result will be brilliant, vivid color bursts of design that appear when printed on white and light color fabrics. You can also use this paper to print a photo; flat color design text, block graphics and spot colors. It can be used with a heat press or basic home-type iron.

These are the newest trio of superior producing papers: SingleJet™ heat transfer paper for inkjet printers,SingleStep™ weedless, heat transfer paper for laser printers and SinglePrint for multi-surface printing @ http://www.rhinotechinc.com. Spend a lot or spend a little at $10.99 for a 10 pack of 8.5″ x 11″ SingleJet™ paper or $1,245 for a laser printer, heat press & a 100 pack of 8.5”x11” SingleStep™ Weedless Laser Paper.

Be the force that will change your destiny.   Image

This is SingleJet™!


Just in Time for ISS/Long Beach – Set-Up Screen Printing Equipment Package, Drawings for Free Stuff & More!

Fulfill your dreams – quickly, easily, affordably. Check it all out at ISS/Long Beach, Jan. 18-20, 2013, Booth 255! Observe, ask, ponder, discuss. Make your move!

Sign up for a chance to win 10 packs of SingeJet™, SingleStep™ heat transfer paper; Image Clip Dark and Koncert T’s paper from Neenah Paper, RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film, RhinoClean™ Green²
Screen Cleaning Chemicals KIT!S Drawings to be held at 3:30 pm, Jan. 19, Booth 255. Jonathon Monaco/Catspit Productions will draw the names of 55 lucky winners! Have a great show!

Self Weeding Laser Heat Transfer Paper: Laundry Wash Test.

SingleStep™ validated! Wash tests confirm durability; staying power of the paper and design!

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