Bold, ‘Green’ Products in the Screen Printing Industry.


There’s always a new black but this time it’s ‘Green’ in reference to screen cleaning chemicals.  Using soy-based and other biodegradable, non-toxic chemicals is good for people, products and the environment. When they’re locally sourced, it’s even better.

     The FACTS. To reduce our screen and graphics printing footprints, the use of eco-friendly screen cleaning products make sense. People will not be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals, the shop air will be clear, harmful chemicals will not go down the drain and Mother Earth won’t be ravaged with pollutants from the screen, digital and graphics printing industries. More and more consumers who are current  printers or could be (whether professional or hobbyists) are searching out ways to be proactive and lessen their business impact on our planet. Students of the arts are graduating with attuned, eco-conscious levels and want to begin their careers in environments that are respectful of the earth and people. The numbers of eco-conscious apparel companies is growing. Comsumers who are seeking out organically grown cotton products printed with water-based inks by employees who are paid a fair wage and work in companies that assure their health and safety grows significantly every year. Even New York’s Fashion Week boasts sustainable clothing and Fair Trade companies.Check out Contempl8 T-Shirts, Prana and ALO and the RhinoClean Green line of eco-friendly screen printing chemicals.

PROFIT MARGIN. It’s really simple. Financially, it makes good sense to invest in screen cleaning chemicals, recirculation and filtration systems. All help to extend the life of screen frames and the screen printing chemicals. Time between reordering of consumable products is increased.

What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading and sharing.

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