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CAPS International is having a Whopper of Sale through 6/12/2013!

CAPS International is have a Whopper of Sale through 6/12/2013!

Get this 4/C – 1/Station t-shirt printer for 15% off w/code: CAPS1213. And, you can also receive the BIG DISCOUNT on a 2/C-1/S t-shirt bench printer; Film, “Green” screen cleaning chemicals. 800-330-5515 and caps@naxs.net to order. Save yourself some money!
http://www.caps-screenprinting.com. Sale good from 6/6-12/2013!

A New Blog

Stumbled upon this new blog from Thread Skull. The team that built it says that “this brand new blog is all about amazing artists and designers, showcasing Great T-shirts and art in the theme of Zombies, Skulls, Monsters, Horror and other such works.”

Nice work!


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