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Amazing Screen Wash for Water-based Ink

Are You Motivated to change to an eco-sensitive, biodegradable Screen Wash? If you’re on the fence about changing screen cleaning chemicals, consider that SWG 220™ Screen Wash Degradent has been perfected to offer the toughest screen cleaning action leaving no water-based ink unscathed. And, we’re not kidding!

This Screen Wash removes all types of water-based inks quickly after the press run AND it’s strong enough to remove dried on, water-based ink on screens, as well. This product is water-soluble and evaporates slowly for maximum yield. It is virtually odorless; a characteristic that all employees seek. It leaves zero residue behind, so no ghost images remain on the screen.  And, it has a very high flash point. Finally, this screen was can be used with both manual and automatic screen cleaning equipment.

Additional high points of SWG 220™ Screen Wash Degradent:

DRAIN SAFE, NON-TOXIC, 100% BIODEGRADABLE. Cleaned screens look like new. And, the price point leaves competing screen washes wishing on a star! Use of this screen wash and the entire line of RhinoClean Green Screen Cleaning Chemicals will help businesses to “green-up” their screen cleaning practices. Mother Earth will thank you.

SO, the UPSHOT is that this Water-based Screen Wash is a bombshell of a solution.

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Screen printing Filtration Systems – Why the Need?

A Filtration system in a screen and/or graphics printing business, whether in a corporate, studio or home-based environment, is a highly rated necessity – not a luxury. Choosing one that fits securely underneath a washout booth enables every screen printer the opportunity to easily and responsibly meet city/county/state/Parrish/township regulations for proper disposal of waste particles as part of the screen cleaning process.

Tip # 1 for choosing a system: look for a triple action unit like the M-10F that uses filtration media. This will help to ensure that the final, remaining liquid left behind will test out as the most drain safe, as possible. A 2013 video by Catspit Productions offers a close-up installation of a Filtration System system and its tremendous advantages for both the company and the environment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and rethink the reasons as to why a Filtration System is a must in 2013!

Mellow Citrus or Soy-Based?

Environmentally Safe Plastisol Ink Wash for Screen Printers Everywhere.

SWG² 145C Screen Wash by RhinoTech is a pleasant smelling, citrus-scented, water-soluble screen wash designed to work rapidly on Plastisol and UV Inks. It has proven ideal for efficient and expedient screen washing after the press run. It affords a higher flash point than lacquer thinner, alcohols, ketones, etc. and is biodegradable and environmentally sensitive. Additionally, this product meets the new VOC Regulations, Rule 1171.

SWG² 305 is a water-soluble, soy based screen wash designed to remove Plastisol and UV ink from the screen frame after the press run. It features the same characteristics as SWG² 145C Screen Wash: expedites screen washing; very little odor; very high flash point of over 425 F; biodegradable, eco-friendly; meets the new VOC Regulations, Rule 1171.

For your convenience, a Cross Reference sheet is available by clicking on http://www.rhinotechinc.com/screen-printing-chemicals/Cross-Reference-List.

Kudos to Catspit Productions for producing another visually interesting and spot-on educational video all screen printers everywhere and at all levels of expertise.

For more information on the Perfect Textile Mix of   “green chemicals” check out the following:

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