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RhinoDark™ Heat Transfer Paper w/Printer & Transfer Instructions

You asked. RhinoTech answered via this step-by-step video.

FEATURES of RhinoDark™

Crisp Designs.
Brilliant CMY Color + Intense White Toner.
Weedless. Excellent Opacity.
Add Rhinestones. Add Textile Metallic Foil.
Diminsionally Stable Polyester-Coated Image Sheet.
Durable. Matte and Gloss Finishes.
Use with OKI Data Laser Printers-
920 WT, 711 WT.
Apply to 50/50 blends, 100% Cotton,
100% Polyester.

For more information, please contact RhinoTech @ 651-686-5027 x 4 or x 2. They will be delighted to offer assistance so that you can be wildly successful.

888.717.4466   info@rhinotechinc.com    www.rhinotechinc.com




Dynamic Digital Fashion.

for white; light color apparel (distressed, pink t-shirt .

This paper is weedless, so no wasted time picking paper and, only the toner transfers. good6

For Black and all DARK garmentsRhinoDARK™ heat transfer paper. It’s THE way to transfer images and specialty designs onto T-shirts, cotton shifts, tanks and other garments that are 100% cotton, 50/50 blends and 100% polyester for children, youth and adults.PW_RHNO_1505A (3) 500
THIS is RhinoDARK!

THIS is RhinoDARK!

Free Shipping opportunities from RhinoTech are available on all purchases of $50+ when delivered in the contiguous U.S. of A.
 And, we ship world-wide.
RhinoTech | 2955 Lone Oak Circle | # 2 | Eagan | MN | 55121
651.686.5027    ​ 888.717.4466

In a Nutshell, Here’s Why a High-Quality Heat Press is a Good Investment.

We’re not sure why the heat press is often undervalued as part of a Digital printing equipment set-up. In fact, it is a key piece of the pie, because of 3 critical factors to ensuring the absolute best, final products. They are: PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE and TIME. And, that’s why we can’t stress enough the value of investing in a great performing heat press.

Presented in this step-by-step video is the RT Swingman 20 with a platen size of 16” x 20”. The RT Swingman 25P with a platen dimension of 20” x 25” is also an excellent option in the high-quality/affordability department. Both systems are offered by RhinoTech.

Features of the RT Swingman include these DIGITAL CONTROLS:

PW_RHNO_1506A July 2015

ON and OFF switch is easily accessible in front of system.

A digital TIMER with alert that can be programmed for up to 99 minutes.

The PRESSURE reading sensor that with these settings: 1-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium and 7-9 that offers the highest pressure setting (KEEP A LOG OF THE PRESSURE SETTINGS YOU USE FOR SPECIFIC CUSTOMER PROJECTS, SO REPEAT PROJECTS WILL BE A BREEZE).

TEMPERATURE setting that can be digitally set for up to 450 degrees F or 232 C.

Additional cool elements:

Touch Screen with easy to lock-in time, temp and pressure settings.
Phenomenal heating element.
Simple Swing-away feature, unlike a pop-up clam shell.

An adjustable LEVELING PLATEN that can adjust up to 1 3/4” to enable the operator to digitally transfer designs made with SinglePrint™ heat transfer laser paper to FLAT glass and light color wood plaques, leather, Acrylic, ceramic and metal.

Find all RhinoTech heat presses HERE.

Thanks for watching!
Questions? Get answers through these direct connections: 651-686-5027 x 4; info@rhinotechinc.com; www.rhinotechinc.com

The Digital Way to Print Your Signature Apparel Line.


Find this Onesie on Etsy by BebeBottleSling

Find this Onesie on Etsy by BebeBottleSling

Thinking about creating your own line of digitally printed kids clothing and accessories? Showcase your contemporary brand concepts to market savvy kids and adults by producing them with the latest digital heat transfer systems that include: RT SunAngel Dark and RhinoDARK heat transfer papers, laser printers and toners that feature Bold White and Gorgeous CMYK & Fluorescent colors. Transfer a Tuxedo design onto a DARK color toddler Onesie; a camo design onto a diaper bag or backpack. Add green frogs, nautical images, teddy bears and novel sayings onto Tee’s. RhinoDARK and RT SunAngel DARK heat transfer papers can be used safely with 100% cotton, Polyester and 50/50 blends.

ADD-ONS FROM RhinoTech tuxedo baby from cafepress

To ramp up inventory volume, introduce SingleStep ™ heat transfer paper that can be used to transfer images onto white and light color garments and fabric accessories. Create signature gifts and accessories by adding SinglePrint ™ heat transfer paper into the mix to print onto multi-types of hard surfaces such as metal (think trending dog tag necklaces), wood and glass plaques, ceramic, Acrylic, leather and more. Both SingleStep ™ and SinglePrint ™ are compatible with the RT SunAngel printers.


RhinoTech offers a variety of heat presses at various price points. Round out your fabulous digital transfer business with a perfect, high quality heat press that is the Swingman – 20P. Gain even heating performance, digital pressure, countdown timer, important, calibrated temperature control along with a fully adjustable pressure control. Check out the complete line of heat presses HERE.

free shipping truck

RhinoTech offers FREE SHIPPING opportunities on orders of $50+ w/delivery in the contiguous U.S. They ship world-wide, as well.


Contact RhinoTech in all these ways: info@rhinotechinc.com    888.717.4466    www.rhinotechinc.com     651-686-5027

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Chicago. July. ASI. Signage + Decoration Pavilion.

chicago image

It’s Chicago on the lake in the summertime. And it’s the 15th annual ASI Show that includes the Signage + Decoration Pavilion that will be held July 15-17, 2014, at McCormick Place.

RhinoTech on Deck on Booth 480 in the Signage + Decoration Pavilion Signage  DecorationCHLogo14

This year, the ASI Show features an unprecedented schedule that includes Sales Boot Camp with leadership expert, Stephen M.R. Covey, and a multimedia presentation by Erik Wahl. The Signage + Decoration, On-the-Show-Floor Workshops will feature a variety of topics including one presented by Gregory Markus, president/RhinoTech, who will demo the latest digital technology and share tips on how, by embracing change and new technology, a traditional printing business can be more creative and innovative, thrive and survive. He will also offer information on how-to economically and easily embrace digital technology to broaden advantage and create new revenue streams. For Free Registration to attend the show, click HERE  – complements of RhinoTech!

No Woo-Woo. It’s just New Age Digital Printing with the RT SunAngel DARK Series and other Fine Systems.

On the Show Floor Workshop. Wednesday, July 16, 2:30 p.m.-3 p.m. Thursday, July 15, 1-1:30 pm. Signage + Decoration Pavilion. New Opportunities in Digital Printing.

This workshop is the place where Greg Markus will help to demystify the art of decorating apparel and other products through digitally printed, heat-applied graphics using the latest heat-transfer papers, toners and equipment. Attendees who want to start a business, as well as, those in established screen/graphics printing and embroidery businesses will learn how to 1) transition a digital printing specialty into an established business space; 2) learn how to improve profitability and efficiency with digital transfer systems without a huge capital investment.

The techniques discussed will be applicable for sign companies, art studios, screen, graphics and digital printers, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, those mulling over the start-up needs of a digital printing business. The session will cover:

• Step-by-step instruction on how-to digitally print on light and DARK apparel and fabrics with the RT SunAngel DARK series of heat transfer paper, printers and toners that include fluorescent colors + white and traditional CMYK toners + white.
• How to print images using weedless, SingleStep™ heat transfer laser paper for light color apparel.
• Methods for printing textile metallic foil and rhinestones on light and dark fabrics,
• How to print on hard surfaces such as metal, glass, acrylic, plastic, wood and ceramic using SinglePrint™ heat transfer paper for laser printers.
• An overview of SingleJet™ heat transfer paper for use with inkjet printers.
• The heat-transfer media, printers/toners and heat-press equipment used.
• Cost considerations of producing decorated apparel digitally versus direct-to-garment and manual textile printing.
• Tips on how to choose between laser and inkjet systems, determining space needs and other considerations for adding digital heat transfer technology to an existing printing business or for a start-up operation.
• Enable attendees to hold and feel the texture of the printed garment.

After the workshop, participants will be invited to Booth 480 to watch live action, digital printing demos.


Throughout his 35+ year career in our industry, Greg Markus has fully embraced change as the landscape of screen, graphics and digital printing has evolved. In doing so, he explains, “creativity and innovation are enhanced, helping business to thrive and survive”. He encourages all in our industry and those entering it to venture out and investigate possible opportunities to the fullest within the realm of the “new normal” in printing. This involves either merging digital printing technology into traditional printing/embroidery, art studio businesses etc. and/or when starting-up as a stand-alone.

Gregory Markus is the president and owner of RhinoTech, based in St. Paul, MN. Since the company’s inception 19 years ago, Greg, along with his partner, Todd Michaels, V.P./Operations, has charted the growth of RhinoTech into a worldwide manufacturer/distributor of screen, digital and graphics equipment and papers; screen frame GLUE/adhesives, eco-friendly screen cleaning chemicals and equipment, washout booths that help save on water resources, triple-action filtration systems, screen cleaning and recirculating systems, commercial pressure washers, supplies and more.

RhinoTech contact info: 651-686-5027, 888.717.4466; info@rhinotechinc.com;  Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our profile on LinkedIn   Find us on Pinterest  View our videos on YouTube  Find us on Google+

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Just in – RhinoTech is offering 20% discount on SingleStep heat trasfer paper!

From 9/9-14/2013, receive 20% off of your order w/on-line purchase using Code: SS913. Order at rhinotechinc.com.

RhinoTech relates that its weedless, SingleStep™ heat transfer laser paper prints on white and light color t-shirts, hats and other fabrics. It’s a one step digital process that transfers the toner, not the background film. And to print on dark ts, hats and other textiles, use Textile Metallic Foil to make a design pop w/ vivid color, drama and added value!

info@rhinotechinc.com rhinotechinc.com

A SingleStep™ to Radical Heat Transfer Printing by RhinoTech

RhinoTech has introduced SingleStep, a new heat transfer laser paper. The video demonstrates how fast, easy and incredibly simple it is to use this new system and produce professional “looks like it was screen printed” fabrics.

RhinoTech offers this explanation of SingleStep™ that works as a self-weeding paper. Use a single-sheet process to transfer a solid image without the background. Only the toner with colors that are 30% or darker on the grey scale (the image) transfer, not the background film. The image appears as if it were screen-printed onto the textile.

SingleStep can be used on most color laser copiers or color laser printers (both the older low temperature color laser copiers/printers that use fuser oil and the newer high temperature color laser copiers/printers that do not use fuser oil).  SingleStep will not work on ink jet printers. SingleStep can also be used with Textile Metallic Foil to decorate DARK or light fabrics!

RhinoTech has extended the following: a 15% discount – 8/7/2012 using Code: SS8712 with your on-line order @ http://www.rhinotechinc.com. Check out Free Shipping options with a $50 purchase.

Contact information: 888.717.4466, info@rhinotechinc.com; Facebook

More “How to Screen Print” training videos @ youtube.com/rhinotechcompany



Jimi Hendrix!

Jimi Hendrix!

Epic. Legendary. Larger-than-life.

Wearing his favorite military jacket purchased in London.

His Star Spangled Banner still rocks our 4th.  And his image endures with screen printed designs by Slingshot T-Shirts.

Have a happy, safe celebration.



RhinoTech and Graphics One, LLC, Announce a New Screen Transfer Technology  and Technology Partnership

RhinoTech, an industry leading manufacturer of screen and graphics printing equipment, screen frame adhesives, such as RhinoBond, environmentally-sensitive screen frame cleaning chemicals and supplies is excited to announce its newest partnership with Graphics One, LLC (GO), a developer and worldwide distributor of innovative, world class digital imaging products. The new alliance will offer even more advanced direct screen transfer technology specifically designed for the color separation and screen printing markets.

This exclusive system offers a simple system workflow specially designed for home based, start-up and commercial screen and graphics printers who need rapid screen imaging capability with a fast turnaround time. The GO UNO DTS is also capable of imaging transfers for apparel and for rigid substrates.

The new system reintroduces a stencil-making revolution with RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film that eliminates the need for emulsion, capillary film, a film positive, exposure and drying time.

Together with a GO UNO DTS system that is a high performance/high speed tabloid LED Direct-Transfer-Screen printer, a heat press and computer, stencil-making becomes fast and simple. The highly efficient system expedites color separation by by-passing most of the traditional methods of screen printing workflow.

Gregory Markus, president of RhinoTech states: “The benefits to our partnership translate into increased printing solutions for screen and graphics printers, embroiderers and crafters. Not only will this affordable system help boost bottom line goals for customers, but it will also correlate to our industry’s need to incorporate safer, environmentally sensitive products into the work place as RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film is recyclable (papers contain no silicone or organic pollutants). And because of minimal space needs required for inventory and equipment, a start-up, home based or established business can easily take on the system.”

Christian Sam, GO Marketing, stated, “We are very excited with this new and revolutionary solution being introduced to the color separation and screen print market. With the partnership of GO UNO DTS printer and the RhinoScreen stencil film, screen printers whether startup or commercial now have a fast and simple workflow to produce a ready to be printed negative screens. This revolutionary system solution bypasses several production steps used in the traditional screen print workflow and greatly reduces production cost by eliminating several screen print components such as emulsions, chemicals, film positives and a darkroom. This remarkable solution is perfect for clients and customers who require a very fast turnaround times.”

The system comes with a 50 pack of RhinoTech’s RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film,  and a starter set of toners with GO UNO printer priced at $2,195.


Contact information: info@rhinotechinc.com; 888.717.4466 ext. 1 or 2

www.rhinotechinc.com offers screen and graphics printers on a worldwide basis the ability to preview/order products directly.

RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film, HOW-TO videos: www.youtube.com/rhinotechcompany

Facebook.com/rhinotech; twitter.com/rhinomitemn; rhinoblast.blogspot.com

When You Want to Start a Home-Based Printing Business, Read this First.

I’ve been working in a home-based environment for 19 years. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It was a big leap from a corporate office situation, but the benefits have far and away surpassed any doubts I had (or the naysayers). Because I have day-to-day customer contact via phone and in-person, I’m not devoid of human connection and people I enjoy working with.  I Skype, text, Tweet, use Faxbook, Linkedin and e-mail, so I engage all day long. If I have to rush out to handle an elderly parent issue or take 1, 2 or all 3 of them to a medical appointment, I can do that and make up the time later. My office is always open.

Throughout the years, the benefits to this arrangement have surpassed any negatives. In the early years, my growing family prospered because mom/marketing director, grant writer and volunteer was always on deck. At this juncture, evolving issues surrounding elderly parents (3 in our family) are able to be attended to while I happily return to my home-based office to pick up where I left off with no glowering employees or managers to return to. No time clocks to punch. Much less stress on me. And higher work output.

Before I took the leap, though, I did lots of research. The following is as thoughtful and thorough, as possible, as you consider the way to self-employment. There are some great opportunities, but you must do your research to make sure that a home-based business will be right for you and within your means. By being careful, attentive and working closely with your accountant, you can be successful, prosperous and happy in a home-based venture. I’ve related the following toward opening a home-based screen or graphics and/or heat transfer printing business (hence the references to creativity).

KNOW YOURSELF.  Do you enjoy manual work and the opportunity to see the immediate results of your skill and creativity? Will those lost creative juices appear again with a customer?  Do you enjoy being in control of your day and your decisions? Is managing your own money an investment that will advance your family’s livelihood?

KNOW YOUR SKILLS. Do you like being in charge? Are you a self-starter who doesn’t need anyone to direct you on where to begin? Can you voice your limitations to ensure your success? Can you be a manager, sales/marketing rep, handle inside/outside sales,AP/AR answer phones and print at the same time? Ask yourself: am I a patient, calm boss willing to teach or will I send any new employee (that could potentially be a family member) running due to my inability to teach and motivate? Can I gather the necessary technical support?

 KNOW YOUR FINANCES. A start-up averages $15,000, but can range above or below that mark. You will need to cover:1) initial equipment and materials purchases; 2) internet/all communication connections); 3) utilities; 4) consumables; 5) mileage/vehicle maintenance; 6) printing, advertising, marketing; 7) subscription costs for trade publications, exhibits at trade shows including shipping, travel, per diem, hotel); 8) time to social network, build a website, e-market); 9) personnel costs and benefits (as the company grows). You have to maximize every dollar.  You have to have the ability to realize a high profit margin (based on equipment costs, etc) in conjunction with your learning curve (that will generate missteps that cost money).  If you are able to handle these costs with the money you have today, then an investment in a home-based business seems feasible.

KNOW YOUR FAMILY.  Ask yourself, how much time can I devote to a home-based business without jeopardizing my family’s life? How much energy  do I have to devote to learning new technology and starting small? Can I utilize the time/talent of my teenagers or my children’s children who are technology vibrant at their young ages to help me in this venture? How much support can I expect of my spouse or partner? Are you are secure in knowing that you have a base of support in your family, that they are aligned with our goals and future outlook and are supportive of the time that you will devote to your new business?

KNOW YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL CAUSE. In the heat transfer, screen and graphics printing industry, countless businesses are  “greening” their way of doing business. From installing long-lasting light bulbs, to using recyclable papers, to lessening the impact of ink on the environment, to flexible hours, all these efforts help to reduce our carbon footprints.

CREATE A BUSINESS PLAN. After careful thought and research,  write out your business plan. Though many business owners run on “instinct”,  the overwhelming consensus is to have a Business Plan that is realistic for you. And, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here is a jump-start when you click onHow to Write a Business PlanThis resource will offer you a sample plan and help. A basic Business Plan will help you allocate resources properly, handle unforeseen complications and make good business decisions. The plan will offer specific, organized information about your company and how you will repay borrowed money.  You’ll need a Plan as part of a loan application if you are going to seek a small business loan.

THE FINAL CONSIDERATION. If you picture yourself working at home with your kids playing at your feet, a home-based business, dare I say, might not be the best fit. Any home-based business owner, like me, will tell you that it takes immense self-direction and motivation to be successful. Distractions of daily life will not fit into this picture, so it is important that you understand what type of worker you are.

So now we’re at a place where you have to ask yourself what sustains you, right now, on a daily basis as an employee or boss? Is it the social aspect of going to work with lots of people around? Does daily change unhinge you? Does it make you feel secure to know that you will generally achieve your daily goals, every day, and that most days will not be much different from the next? Do you prefer being in the second spot, following directions of a manager? Is your family content knowing that you go to work at 8 am and will be home by 6 pm? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you should probably re-think a home-based business venture.

I answered NO to the above questions a very long time ago and remain happy with my decision. The majority of the time, my family has been happy, too. As we all know, though, life and work are not perfect. Expect ups and downs if you go forth. In the end though, I think you’ll be wildly happy.

Thanks for reading and subscribing. And good luck!



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