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An Accidental, Screen Printed, NYC Discovery!

It’s a Chalkboard T-shirt!

While perusing St. Anthony’s Market on Houston Street between Thompson and Sullivan in the Lower East Side, on the look-out for interesting screen/graphics printing items, we came across the Chalkboard Tee by Class Attire. We were knocked out with this idea!

The little Tee’s were screen printed with a special chalk-ink (a tightly held secret by the originators, Chis and Jinyen) and featured a large star, heart or other design. The designs were big enough for little hands with little chalk to create to their heart’s content. We bought one for our 4 year old niece to test and witnessed first-hand the happiness and creativity that this shirt inspired. Especially important to her was the little chalk pocket where she was able to store one piece of chalk. Nice touch!

For more info: info@thechalkboardtee.com

Love these finds! Thanks for reading.


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