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Change can be good. Don’t be afraid.

Change can be good. Don't be afraid.

So…when offered a sample of an environmentally sensitive press wash at ISS/Long Beach, the screen printer (50s-60s?) responded that he was ‘fairly’ happy w/what they’d been using in the shop for a long time and didn’t see the need to change. The response by a much younger, enthusiastic screen printer was invaluable when he offered that by not trying the latest, ‘greenest’ products on the market, a screen printer risks missing out on better, faster, cleaner ways of printing and making a positive impact in the industry all the way around. He implored the printer to embrace change as a good thing; to be open to all new technologies that will ultimately help him and his employees to be even more successful in their techniques, as stewards of the earth and in business. I was (am) so proud of that young guy!

A Simple Step to ‘Screen Printing’ with an InkJet Printer!

This paper offers the latest ink jet printing technology in just one step! Use it with HP, Epson and Brother ink jet printers to print on light color fabric for brilliant, vivid designs that pop! And use it for multi-color jobs.

This system affords great advantage for businesses who want to keep all printing jobs in house – no matter the size, w/o special set-up costs. And it is a simple, affordable way to implement printing into a home-based environment for craftsters.

Find it @ http://www.rhinotechinc.com; 888.717.4466

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