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Blocking out a Screen Frame 101A

Part 3 in our seBlocking out a screenries involves the steps to Blocking out a Screen Frame.

This how-to video follows previous demos: Coating Screens 101A and Exposing and Developing Screens 101A.


The necessary tools include the screen frame that we previously exposed and developed, RB203 Thick Blockout that is water-soluble and a perfect choice to use on coarser mesh counts and a little squeegee. We also use the BL1620 Exposure Unit w/backlight.

NOTE: For finer mesh counts, the choice is RB202 that is a thinner product. For an absolutely permanent blockout, the choice is RB201.


Puddle blockout in the corner of the frame. With the trusty yellow squeegee, spread blockout around the edge of the frame. This is important to ensure that all pinholes from dust are covered.

NOTE: RB203 is water-soluble making it easy to wash off the screen. And, the backlight on the Exposure System makes it easy to see where light is potentially seeping through, so you can cover those areas/spots with the Blockout.

Work carefully, though, to make sure that you don’t get any of the blockout on the image.

Let the screen dry.


When the screen is dry, use regular packing tape to tape out around the inside edge of the backside (squeegee side) of the frame. This will ensure that when you print, no ink will get squished between the mesh and the frame.

And, that’s it!


RB203 – when you need a thick blockout for coarser mesh counts.

RB202 – when you need a thin blockout for finer mesh counts

RB201 – when you want a permanent blockout.

For a refresher click HERE!

Stay tuned for Part 4 -Ink Removal 101A.

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