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Ink Removal 101A



Part 4 is a step-bInk removal 101ay-step approach to INK REMOVAL. The first part offers the perfect technique on how-to finesse the ink off the screen frame for an on-press ink change. Secondly, it offers the easiest way to remove the ink at the conclusion of printing using PWG122 Press Wash.


Start with PWG122 Press Wash that has been designed to rapidly flash off the screen so that you can quickly and easily make an ON-PRESS ink change.

Next, lift the printer arm holding the screen frame that you want to make the color change on so that you are looking at the underside of the screen frame.

Using a paper or cloth towel, squirt some press wash onto the cloth. Working from the underside of the screen, wipe the targeted spot until ink is removed.

Then, lift the screen and if it still seems to need a little more work, use cloth to carefully finish wiping from the squeegee side.

Before you start to print, spray the platen with RBA2, an Aerosol Adhesive Spray Mist to help ensure that the t-shirt will remain stable on the platen. For fleece and heavier fabrics, a good choice is RBA3 Adhesive Web.

Now, flood the screen and continue printing.

Once you have completed printing the project, card off the ink and proceed to the washout booth to clean the ink off the screen. The next part of the video will take place at the RhinoClean Washout Booth for an Ink Removal demo using SWG14C-citrus-scented Screen Wash.

Squirt the screen wash onto the screen and begin scrubbing. Scrub on both sides. Very quickly, the ink will begin to emulsify.

With a pressure washer, like the amazing RS1500A, rinse the screen on both sides. To get rid of any residue, apply a bit more SW145C, scrub and rinse. If you prefer a soy-based product, choose SWG305.


The manual, textile printer used in the demo is a SureCure 5-4/2 combo Conveyor Dryer/Textile Screen Printer from RhinoTech with a 110V.

The RhinoClean Washout Booth is made of Polypro with an aluminum stand.

Soy-based SWG305 Screen Wash is an excellent option for the final screen wash.

On-Press Wash: PWG122. And, PWG125 is a multi-purpose Press Wash that will also work on card stock, U.V. and Plastisol inks.

Screen Wash: SWG145C or soy-based, SWG305.

Stay tuned for Part 5 in the series that is Emulsion Removal 101A.

Many thanks for watching. If you need help, want a consult or have questions, please contact RhinoTech at 651-686-5027.

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