Screen Printing Revelations!

It’s safe to say that when a screen printer and a screen printing educational video producing giant asks his audience for their questions, he has to be ready for anything. Lucky for us, unflinching Jonathan Monaco, who IS Catspit Productions, shared his LOL video response with us. He tactfully and with good humor, answers the previously unasked, burning questions regarding his hair, fashion and the business of screen printing.

Screen Printer or Rock Star?

Though many of his fans believe he looks like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Jonathan has assured us that he is not.

RhinoTech, Screen Cleaning Issues and More!

In answer to the question regarding whether or not there are “cheap” screen cleaning chemicals, Jonathan highly, emphatically recommended that the RhinoClean Green² line of screen cleaning chemicals is the way to go. To be safe and environmentally sensitive, Jonathan not only handles this line of screen cleaning products, but has produced product review videos on these cleaners (with a thumbs up) that will help to lessen the impact of screen printing on our environment. Together w/RhinoClean Filtration systems, all screen and graphics printing businesses can increase precautions when it comes to helping protect plumbing systems and septic fields.

Buy it – Don’t Build It. Save Time, Money and Energy and Buy Screen Cleaning/Screen Printing Equipment!

Yes, some people do build exposure systems and washout booths hoping to save money. In the end, however, the inordinate amount of time, money and effort that has been expended and the fact that home-made systems may or may not conform to safety measures (washout booths built w/glass backs that often shatter, for example) ends up negating great intentions. There is good sense in purchasing equipment to ensure that it is safe, gets the job done efficiently and is easy to use. Taking the time to research and source out the good from the bad will really pay off in the end.


Do You Half Tuck?


Finally, the reason for the half tuck is revealed live! It’s a great option, whether you’re in a hot climate like Arizona or not.


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