Digital, Heat Transfer Printing Options.

Short-run Printing Projects Benefit from New, Digital, Heat Transfer Paper.
Want a way to produce short-run printing projects (100 or under) without costly set-up time and fees for your customers (who will be wildly appreciative)? The path leads to SingleJet™ heat transfer paper for inkjet printers.

This digital, single sheet, heat transfer paper printing system offers eye-popping transfers from photos on light color and white textiles such as golf towels, ties, hats, t-shirts, sweat shirts and other fabrics. Bold, block graphic prints and flat color design text will also transfer simply and vibrantly with SingleJet digital transfer paper. To add dimension and value, attach beads, rhinestones and/or embroidery. The combination of sharp detail, high resolution and rich color with these added touches will be the difference between a $7 t-shirt and one that is $30!

Win-Win Digital Printing!
You win with increased product value and by achieving new heights for printing brilliance!

Craftsters and Hobbyists
SingleJet™ is perfect for DIY gifts during the big, gift-giving season and throughout the year. Momentos are easy to produce with SingleJet™ and a regular, household iron. Check out this video to view how simple and easy it is to quickly print very special items for those you value!

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