Change can be good. Don’t be afraid.

Change can be good. Don't be afraid.

So…when offered a sample of an environmentally sensitive press wash at ISS/Long Beach, the screen printer (50s-60s?) responded that he was ‘fairly’ happy w/what they’d been using in the shop for a long time and didn’t see the need to change. The response by a much younger, enthusiastic screen printer was invaluable when he offered that by not trying the latest, ‘greenest’ products on the market, a screen printer risks missing out on better, faster, cleaner ways of printing and making a positive impact in the industry all the way around. He implored the printer to embrace change as a good thing; to be open to all new technologies that will ultimately help him and his employees to be even more successful in their techniques, as stewards of the earth and in business. I was (am) so proud of that young guy!


2 responses

  1. Very true words. Wait a minute… that sounds familiar….. 😉

  2. Shall I identify the young, enthusiastic screen printer or should he remain anonymous? He is so smart!

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