Staggering Digital Technology says: big graphics make big statements.

Oh yes, they do.

This image of the Chrysler Group World HQ wrapped with the new Dodge Dart is an epic example of our industry’s wizardry. The technology, the sheer capacity of the equipment required to orchestrate the job, the people hours it took to create, print, deliver and install a super-sized job like this one just amazes!

As an aside, I contacted Chrysler to find out the name of the company that provided the building wrap, but to no avail. Got shuffled around for too long trying to get in contact with a marketing person, so was forced to hang up. If anyone knows the name of the Banner/Sign company that did the install, please convey.

I have just one small request of Chrysler, though. Please wrap the building with a banner that displays the 1964 Dodge Dart, imported from Detroit….my very first car (passed down to me through my grandma and mom over many years!) complete with a red pinstripe and push button gears. It could hold 8 of us at a minimum. My nostalgia is in over drive.

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3 responses

  1. Thanks for the mention! Great photo of the Chrysler project. Wish I knew who produced it. You’ll have to take a look at the response to your post, just published on the BIG blog: Stadium Graphics and Event Experience, titled rather appropriately “Staggering Digital Displays”. Thanks again!

    1. Appreciate the BIG response. Your work is outstanding!

      1. Thank you so much. We love what we do. Get to work on some really fun projects. We’ll keep following your work too. Thanks again.

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