Women Want Great Fitting T-Shirts with Style.

The latest issue of Impressions Magazine features the article, “What Women Want”. It’s a good read for all involved in the t-shirt manufacturing world because women are forever on the search for that one, absolutely fabulous fit (that we will purchase multiples of). We liken it to the search for the perfect filling jean or bathing suit.

In the t-shirt arena, we don’t want the fit to be too large or too tight, the length too long or too short; the sleeves an appropriate length to complement all arm shapes and sizes (cap sleeves are not “one size fits all” even though they are popular). We crave performance fitting t’s that breath, that retain their shape after washing, that are soft and lush and available in an array of colors. We like ruching on the sleeves. We like necklines that are not super high or especially low (regular V works), but that also feature, and yes, believe it, cleavage cover (especially if the V is deep)! Anyway…take time to read the article that could help ratchet up your design ideas while giving women what we humbly ask for that is an ultra fabulous, fashionably fitting t-shirt that is affordable.

And now… take a minute to look at the women in the picture. They are wearing  V-neck, black t-shirts that feature a stylish, juniorish-type fit that looks equally great on any age. This is what we want; thanks to all designers and manufacturers for listening.

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