Q & A Time with a Little Help from Printwear.

1620 Heat Press by RhinoTech

In the latest issue of PRINT WEAR (2/21/2012), the following Q  & A caught our attention. What follows are some great suggestions for use of a heat press “that’s just been lying around the shop”. Thanks for sharing, PW!


I have a heat press machine lying around in my screen-print shop that we’re not currently using. Other than applying heat transfers, what can I use my press for to help my business during these challenging economic times?  Asked by – Printwear Reader


– From Insta Graphics – To succeed today, screen printers need to be creative and their products need to stand out. Consumers look to spend their dollars on original and unique items—those they feel reflect their own individuality. More and more screen print shops are turning to heat press machines because they find that using a heat press in conjunction with screenprinting gives products an edge over the competition.

A heat press is the perfect tool for producing multi-media prints that are creative and one-of-a-kind. A heat press can be used in conjunction with traditional screen-print methods to create discharge prints, flock-foil combos, textured embellishments and much more.

A heat press can also help cut down on production time. In some screen-printing processes, a heat press can replace the use of a tunnel dryer to cure inks. For example, a discharge print needs to go through a tunnel dryer for three minutes, where same print can sit under the heat press for 15 to 20 seconds to achieve the same results. Sara Kahane Smith, Insta Graphics

-From RhinoTech – Agreed – a heat press affords even more creativity for the screen printer and widens the scope for increased business opportunities. For example, it can be used in conjunction with dry stencil film that is a new process used to make a screen without emulsion or capillary film. Subsequently, as another tool, the screen printer can be up and printing within 5 minutes that is especially advantageous for short run projects. When time is money, both the screen printer and customer win.

Gregory Markus, RhinoTech

-From Stahl’s -Your heat press is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your shop. The number of items you can print with a heat press is unlimited. (if it fits under the press, you can print on it–you just need the right graphic) In addition to hot split and plastisol transfers, you can also use your heat press with: •Laser or inkjet transfer papers•Heat applied rhinestones •Twill appliqué (usually needs sewing in addition to pressing) There are new distressed twill materials available to create high end fashion and retro sports looks.

•Heat transfer materials (such as CAD-CUT or other cuttable films, flocks, reflectives, holographics, foils, patterned films, etc…). There is an adhesive for every type of fabric–even performance wear. •Printable heat transfer materials (for use in VersaCamm or other printer/cutters). •Full color digital transfers (make your own or order custom digital transfers from a supplier). You can print on nylon, leather, performance wear and many hard to print items that are difficult to screen print when you own a heat press.  Karin Bellinghausen, Stahls’ ID Direct and Stahls’ Hotronix

For more information on Creativity with Heat Presses check out the following:


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